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FINE Licenses and its contents are created for anyone looking to implement Finnish Early Childhood Education (ECE) methods around the world. This license is for anyone looking to build, upgrade, and design your ECE center, kindergarten, nursery, hobby classes, or K6-K12. We provide a comprehensive package to bring You the highest quality of Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). 

FINE Licenses are an all-inclusive licensing package that gives You operational and academic guidelines and educational content to operate an early childhood education (ECEC) unit (Kindergarten/Daycaredaycare) or an ECE center operation. Whether You have an existing operation or are starting a new one, we have You covered with our FINE license models.

Our FINE Licences include the following:

We offer three different license options to best fit your operational needs. We can also custom design to best fit your needs.

For more information in FINE Kindergarten/Daycare license options and in K12, and information regarding our academic guidelines, pedagogical methodology, and operational and teacher training, please go to our website or contact us at

FINE Exclusive License

1. Opening License for the Fine Exclusive License includes:

  • License for a minimum of 5 years in the decided location
  • Academic plan, 200 lesson plans per age group: 2-3 years and 4-5 years + 8 activity packages for 0-2 year children
  • Teacher and operational staff training and guidelines
  • Brand and marketing templates and guidelines
    • 4 weeks of onsite teacher training and following online education 4 times during year one for the local teachers are included in the Opening License fee

2. The Annual Flat License Fee:

  • Lesson plans and online teacher guidance according to the need 
  • Separately decided plan and operational guidelines

= 12 000 € annually from year two forward

3. Finnish Headteacher and teachers:

  • The salaries including social, vacation, and employer's costs are 4 800 € per month for the Finnish Head Teacher (Teacher 1) and 4 400 € per month for the Finnish Teacher (Teacher 2). 
  • The local operator is also responsible for accommodation (middle-class European standard housing) and travel (two return trips per year) per Finnish teachers.

4. Travel and Accommodation

  • Maximum of 6 return flights and accommodation for the FINE Staff for preparations, planning, and follow-up online in connection to preparations and teacher training, when the education starts
  • Updating and checking the teachers' abilities, the latest 6 months from the operational start and during the defined License duration

5. Additional Services if needed (to be decided later by the operator)

  • Interior design planning and drawings according to a separate agreement (37.5€/m2, if applicable)


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