Parent Education

Parents are willing to educate their children at home and give the best possible base for their child’s early childhood development. This growing group of parents is eager to learn about early childhood education and early years’ development outside the kindergarten and other educational institutes as well. What can I do to improve my child’s learning and development to become a mindful, recognizing, creative, global citizen of the world?

In this training, parents can find information, concrete tips, and know-how on the child’s early development, learning, and education in an approachable form.


Playful Learning Book

Discover the secrets of early childhood education and care in Finland with "Playful Learning in Early Childhood Education in Finland." This comprehensive guide is a must-have for anyone working with children aged 0-7 years, whether in ECEC centers, kindergartens, nurseries, or schools. Written by experts in the field, this book provides a perfect balance of theory and practice, making it an invaluable tool for ECEC teacher training. With over 100 practical and playful activities, you'll find endless inspiration to engage and educate young minds. Implement these activities and watch children thrive as they learn through play. Elevate your teaching and enrich children's lives with this essential resource.

Price: 45 €


The FINE Theme Package (2 weeks)

Are you interested in trying the Finnish phenomenon-based learning method? The FINE Theme Packages, for ages 2–5, give a great opportunity for early childhood education teachers to explore phenomenon-based learning methods and to get new ideas and inspiration for their own work. Continue

LOU-HI® -Sound Mat

LOU-HI® -Sound Mat

Sound Mat brings an innovative tool, which helps solve today's key pedagogical.
challenges. The Sound Mat brings a strong physicality to learning, which strengthens.
learning results and increases students' motivation. Understanding conceptual, abstract
phenomena becomes easier when learning involves a bodily dimension.

In addition to informed learning outcomes, pedagogy should also support other areas of
children's and youth's growth, such as the development of creativity, interaction skills, and
cooperative skills. The physical form of the mat encourages children to interact with each other.
other and solve problems together by thinking, listening, discussing, and moving.

The Sound Mat has many pedagogical strengths:

  • Combines exercise and physicality with learning (physical learning)
  • Strengthens the development of interaction skills (cooperative learning, learning
emotional skills)
  • Particularly suitable for integration between educational subjects (phenomenon-based learning)
  • Supports the development of children's creativity

The Sound Mat is suitable for teaching many different subjects, such as art (music, visual
arts), sports, natural sciences (mathematics, physics), language learning, geography, etc.


LOU-HI®- Sense Board


Kippin Early Language Learning Material

Kippin Early Language Learning -material – A playful path to English!

In every preschool or school, some children need extra support with their English language learning. Supporting these children can be a difficult task for professionals due to lack of time and limited resources. Finding time to make new material for language learning sessions can be difficult and coming up with new ideas even more challenging.


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