A warm welcome to Finland International Education (FINE) training programs! 

FINE training programs are based on the world-renowned Finnish pedagogy and they are designed by our FINE team of pedagogical professionals. We bring educational expertise and know-how to teachers and management in the field of education around the world.

The trainer fee outside Finland includes the travel and accommodation costs of the trainer.

ON-Line - Phenomenon-Based Learning In Early Years

The term "Phenomenon-based learning" is beginning to be familiar to many professionals in the field of education. This course gives You all the necessary information about Phenomenon-based learning (for more information click continue)


Whether you are a teacher, an education professional, or simply an interested parent in children's learning in the early years, this course is for you.

On-line - Phenomenon-based Learning in Early Years

  • Price per participant 49 €


ON-Line - ECEC Teacher Training: CRASH COURSE

Do you want to find new inspiration and ideas for your education and teaching?

Are you interested in the world-famous Finnish early childhood education?

If yes, this training is the right choice for you.

The ECEC Teacher Training: Crash Course is an introductory course to the Finnish early childhood education pedagogy and FINE pedagogical methods and know-how. This is a great intensive course for early education teachers and other people who are interested in the field.

On-line - ECEC Teacher Training: Crash Course

  • Price per participant 150 €

On-Line - ECEC Management Training: Crash Course

The ECEC Management Training provides you with the necessary skills and tools to support your continued success in the field of education. This training is for directors, administration, and operational staff in ECEC.

This FINE ECEC Management training is designed for operational staff who want to develop their leadership skills. Successful education needs skillful and supporting leaders. This course gives leaders valuable tools to support the teachers to meet the challenges of today's educational world.

On-line - ECEC Management Training: Crash Course

  • Price per participant 500 € on-line


Trainer Training

Attendees must have completed the FINE ECEC Teacher Training prior to this course.

This program is designed for early childhood education professionals, who are interested in training teachers in the FINE way. The Trainer Training provides the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver effective ECEC Teacher Training. 

The Trainer Training program starts with a one-week orientation. After orientation, each participant will have their study plan to become a FINE Trainer. Training includes self-studies and co-training with a FINE Trainer.

  • Price per participant 1000 €

Operative Training for Administrative Staff


Operative training looks deeper into how the administrative staff runs an ECEC unit in a way that is aligned with the FINE pedagogy and values. Participants will learn leadership and communication skills with different customers and themselves


Drama Lessons

You will be familiar with the basics of stage acting, improvisation, and simple dramatic text analyses as well as writing short scenes. You will learn about role status and dialogue techniques. The 5-day course can be arranged with a minimum of 10 participants. The teachers are professional actors and dramaturges. Continue

Playful Learning Book

Discover the secrets of early childhood education and care in Finland with "Playful Learning in Early Childhood Education in Finland." This comprehensive guide is a must-have for anyone working with children aged 0-7 years, whether in ECEC centers, kindergartens, nurseries, or schools. Written by experts in the field, this book provides a perfect balance of theory and practice, making it an invaluable tool for ECEC teacher training. With over 100 practical and playful activities, you'll find endless inspiration to engage and educate young minds. Implement these activities and watch children thrive as they learn through play. Elevate your teaching and enrich children's lives with this essential resource.

Price: 45 €


Study Visit

Come to Finland and learn about Finnish early childhood or K12 school education. Or learn to know more about Finnish education in general? We can arrange a tailor-made visit package of the Finnish education system for you and your group.

Get new pedagogical inspiration and unforgettable memories.


What we provide:

 · A personal guide to getting to know Helsinki

· Introduction to the Finnish education system
· Introduction to Finnish primary and/or early childhood education
· Visit schools and/or kindergartens
· Gain a deeper understanding of Finnish education and pedagogy with lectures and workshops
· Get to taste local delicacies
· FINE training material

Price: 500 €/person

Introduction to Phenomenon-Based Learning in Finland

Learn more about Finnish early childhood education (ECEC), and what makes it so exceptional. This course provides essential knowledge about Finnish phenomenon-based learning and the FINE Solution. This course is a great base for all our training.

Price: 500 €/person, max 30 persons + trainer fee


ECEC Leader Seminar

Enhance your leadership skills in the field of education. The ECEC Leader Seminar provides you with the necessary skills and tools to support your continuous success in the field of education. The ECEC Leader Seminar is for directors, administration, and operational staff in ECEC or in K12.

Price: 1500 €/person, max 20 persons + trainer fee

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